Nintendo Opens Wii to Indie Developers

Just as some traditionally open companies close the door to third-party developers, the traditionally closed Nintendo will open WiiWare in early 2008. Obviously inspired by the success of Microsoft's Xbox Live mini-games, the new channel will allow small companies "to get their original games into the marketplace to… » 6/27/07 9:28am 6/27/07 9:28am

Catapult Watch for Medievalists with No Taste. And Squirrels

If Adam Frucci's squirrel catapult post from earlier this week tickled your fancy, here's something that won't—unless you're a squirrel and you want your revenge. It's a simply repulsive antique catapult watch that dates back to 2005. Cost is $49 and it comes with free artillery, having been reduced from $59. I can't… » 6/22/07 7:59am 6/22/07 7:59am

Apple Patent to Prevent Thieves from Lifting iPhone

The brains over in Cupertino seem to have been doing some thinking vis-à-vis security for the iPhone, as an application submitted by Apple to the US patent office shows. Given that the iPod's arrival heralded an epidemic of white-earphone muggings, it is safe to assume that the same thing will happen once people… » 6/22/07 7:22am 6/22/07 7:22am

Canon EOS-1D Mark III Auto-focus Under Heat

Our own Photo Wizard Charlie White got his hands all over the Canon EOS-1D Mark III at PMA'07 and was blown away by this $4,500 wonder. And rightly so, because the camera is amazing... except for one little problem.
» 6/22/07 5:52am 6/22/07 5:52am

Video Shows HPR-3 Promet Mark II Not Boozeproof

Yesterday we showed you HPR-3 Promet Mark II, hailed as the waterproof construction worker of the future. Well, I beg to differ. He's nothing but a Disco stormtrooper who got at three bottles of whisky and a case of Olde Fortran the night before his big debut, as you can see in the three videos after the jump. » 6/22/07 5:12am 6/22/07 5:12am

Angel Sword Guitar Plays Iron Maiden Songs, Slays Teen Pop Stars

O Lord, bless this thy Angel Sword Guitar, that with it thou mayst blow Christina Aguilera and A-HA and Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias to tiny bits, in thy mercy. If you want it, follow these steps: first shalt thou get to eBay. Then shalt thou pay $4,500, no more, no less. $4,500 shall be the number thou shalt… » 6/21/07 11:30am 6/21/07 11:30am

Liquid Mirror for Lunar Telescope is Made of "Ugly Ions"

What you are looking at is a mirror made of ionic liquid, infrared-reflecting silver nanoparticles mixed with a "highly viscous salty liquid called imidazolium ethylsulphate" or Bob for his closest friends. It's going to be used for the Lunar Liquid Mirror Telescope, something that wasn't possible until now for… » 6/21/07 10:05am 6/21/07 10:05am

Liquid-proof HPR-3 Robot Doesn't Run on Olde Fortran

Here's HPR-3 Promet Mark II, a 160cm-tall robot that can probably snap your spine if you don't get him a beer case every day. The new 149-pound robot from Kawada is liquid-proof and it will be used in construction until someone realizes that "liquid-proof robot" really means "potential sex-bot." » 6/21/07 8:53am 6/21/07 8:53am

CTX Imaging Shows 3D Bones In Fast Motion, Total Recall Style

Dr. Elizabeth Brainerd and her colleagues in the vertebrate morphology group at Brown University have just developed CTX Imaging, a technique that combines computed-tomography, x-ray video and computing post-processing to let you see bones in rapid motion. Like Mr. Crocodile here doing the Jane Fonda on the treadmill.… » 6/21/07 7:11am 6/21/07 7:11am

Juice Bag Now Available for Us Chicks

Unless, of course, you are a chick that likes backpacks, which I think are too manly by half, then you might be interested in this, a Juice Bag for Lay-deez. It's a large tote which, apart from being capacious enough for your towel, three bikinis, bonkbuster book and SPF lotion, can recharge your phone, iPod or… » 6/21/07 7:08am 6/21/07 7:08am

Samsung Shows Off an 82-Inch HD LCD Monitor at SEK 2007

Samsung have just announced news of an 82-inch monitor which will go on sale in Korea in November of this year. The 820DXn's integrated wireless system solutions mean that you can control it via your PC, and its price will probably be too much for mere gamers to dream about. Contrast ratio is 1200:1, brightness is… » 6/21/07 4:44am 6/21/07 4:44am

Plug & Play Wireless Speaker System is Transparently Fab

All rooms with groovy wallpaper should have a Plug & Play: a rather beautiful yet titchy, transparent wireless speaker with Bluetooth receiver. Stick the Bluetooth transmitter plugs in whichever MP3 devices take your fancy—mobile, computer, iPod—and your music will play on said beautiful yet titchy etc, etc. » 6/20/07 4:20pm 6/20/07 4:20pm